Thursday, July 31, 2014

Flash Cards and Letter Tiles - Sorting the letters of the alphabet

Sometimes you just need a good set of flashcards.  With just these Flash cards and letter tiles you and your child will be very busy playing a number of games. Your child will learn: to sort the letters alphabetically, letter recognition, improve their memory, work on their fine motor skills, as well as spelling their name. With Games like Snap, Sound Match, Find Your Name, Flash Card Hunt and more.

This activity includes:
  • Sets of Letter Tiles
  • Sets of Upper and Lower Case Flash Cards
  • 1x Alphabet Strip
  • Directions for play, 10x game instructions included.

Flash Cards and letter tiles - directly download here

The File is a Compressed Zip File, like winzip and winrar.
Be sure that you have an application to open this file type before downloading.
If you need a program to unzip files you can download Winrar here.

 How To Play:
Stick the alphabet strip where your little one can see it. They can use this as a reference. Print as many of the sheets as you need, two sets should do it.

Find Your Name
Write your child’s name down on a piece of paper. Ask your child to look for all the letters that make up her name, once your child has found them all, if they not in order ask if he/she can put them in order.

Divide the flash cards evenly, do not look at your cards, place them face down. Decide together for a letter that you will be looking for. Each player gets a turn to put down a card. When a player puts the card down that you were looking for, the first person who slaps their hand down on the card and yells SNAP get to keep all the cards on the table.

Indoor and Out Door Sound Match
Match each card to an object that starts with that letter. Inside or out side: e.g.: S for Swing.

Alliteration game
Each player takes turns choosing a card and listing as many words starting with that letter as they can think of in 15 seconds. Each word is one point.

Alphabet Sort
  • Work together to arrange the cards in alphabetical order.
  • Spread the cards all over the floor. Call out a letter and your child must find it.
  • Spread the cards on the floor, have your child match lowercase and uppercase together

Copy the letters.
Ask your child to choose a letter, then let him/her write it down, be creative, go write in the sand pit or get a shallow tray, add some flour, let your child draw in the flour.

Flash card Hunt.
You start out by hiding the flash cards around the house or a room. You don’t have to use all the flashcards. You call out a letter like this "Can you find W for wagon, your child will then hunt around the house or room looking for the correct letter or picture.

Find the Missing Ones
Line the letters up alphabetically, but leave some letters out with a space in-between. Spread the ones you left out onto the table. Get your child to fill in the blank spots correctly.

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