Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Island Jumping - Free Printable - A pirate themed, active game to practice the alphabet, words, numbers, colours, emotions and shapes.

An active way to play and learn. A pirate themed game that children will love. Practice the alphabet, numbers, sight words, emotions, colours or shapes.

Island Mat, Pirate boat, Spinner, Gold coins, Tresure chest

This activity includes:
• 1x Pirate Boat “home base” mats
• Island mats
• 1x spinner
• Gold paper coins
• 1x treasure box mat
• Directions for play

Pages: 12
Grade: Pre-school, Grade R, Grade 1

Island Jumping: Practice the alphabet, numbers, sight words, emotions, colours or shapes. Directly download by clicking here!

The File is a Compressed Zip File, like winzip and winrar.
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What you will need:
  • A good idea is to laminate the sheets after printing so that you may use them over again.
  • Print as many island mats/ coins as you need.
  • You will need a white board marker
  • A brad or paper holder for the spinner
  • Scissors, for cutting out the coins and arrows

How to play.

On the Spinner mat, write with a whiteboard marker pen, the words or letters you will be practicing, you don’t have to use all the spaces, you may also add more lines to the spinner for more words/ letters. Write the same words onto the island mats.
Place the Island mats on the floor in a big circle shape; secure them with prestik so they don’t slip around. Place the Pirate Boats “home Base” mat in the middle of the islands. Place each mat far enough apart so your child will be able to make the jump from island to home base boat.

Your job is to spin the spinner and call out the word/letter that the arrow lands on, you child starts by standing in the home base boat and has to jump to the correct word/letter island.

When you spin again, your child will have to jump back to home base each time to get to the correct word/letter; she/he may not jump from island to island.
Each time your child gets the correct answer, he/she gets a gold coin, which you then place on the treasure box mat. In order for the game play to flow nicely, place the gold coins on the treasure box mat instead of handing the coins to your child to keep.

Tip: You may use this game to practice colours, letters, words, emotions, shapes.

If the white board marker does not come off the mats nicely after play, use rubbing alcohol/surgical spirits to remove the white board marker pen.

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