Thursday, July 31, 2014

Keyword Flash Cards - Letter and sound recognition

Teach your child letter sound and letter recognition. Your child will love these colourful keyword flashcards.  Before using letter-only flashcards, try using these flashcards with keywords to cue correct letter sound. Before your child starts reading, he or she will need a solid foundation. Flash cards are the perfect tool for helping your child to develop that foundation. Your child will learn vital skills such as uppercase and lower case letters, how to write the letters of the alphabet, letter sounds and letter recognition.

This activity includes:
  • 1x set of keyword flash cards
  • 12x games to play
  • 1x Alphabet Strip
  • Directions for play
Grade: Pre-school, Grade R

Keyword Flash Cards - Directly download here.

The File is a Compressed Zip File, like winzip and winrar.
Be sure that you have an application to open this file type before downloading.
If you need a program to unzip files you can download Winrar here.

Stick the Alphabet Strip where your little one can see it. They may use this as a reference.

Flash card Hunt: You start out by hiding the flash cards around the house or a room. You don’t have to use all the flashcards. You call out a letter like this "Can you find W for wagon, your child will then hunt around the house or room looking for the correct letter or picture.

Letter sound Hunt: Spread the flash cards on the table. Take a walk around the house or garden, then point out objects and say the word, your child must then go back and find the starting letter flash card and stick it on the object with prestik. E.g: If you have a swing in your garden, ask your child to find the beginning letter Ss.

Letter Sort: Jumble the flash cards so they are not in order. Help your child then sort them alphabetically.

Letter identification game: Spread out the flashcards, printed side up. Call out a letter, your child must find the corresponding card as quickly as possible. Use a point system. For every correct letter, your child earns one point.

Copy the letters: Ask your child to choose a letter, then let him/her write it down, be creative, go write in the sand pit or get a shallow tray, add some flour, let your child draw in the flour.

Learning the alphabet: Display the cards where little ones will see it all the time! Go through the alphabet regularly, pointing to the letters and saying the sounds they make; of course you can also sing the alphabet song!

Alphabet race: Lay the cards out in a row - either alphabetically, or randomly. Have a counter for each player and a dice. Put the counters at the beginning of the row and let your child roll and move their counter the appropriate number of spaces. Depending on the age of the child, you can adapt the game in many ways:

When you land on a letter, you say the sound that the letter makes or move back x number of spaces.

When you land on a letter, you say the name of that letter or move back.

Say a word which begins (or ends) with the letter you have landed on, or move back.

Say a noun, adjective, verb, adverb etc. which begins with the letter you have landed on, or move back.

The winner is the first to reach the end of the row! This game is also very adaptable for different ages, as you can assign each child a task appropriate to their age and skill.

Which letter is missing? Lay out the alphabet cards in alphabetical order. Ask your child to close their eyes, take one card away. On your command they open their eyes and identify which letter is missing.

Beginning, middle and end: Use a set of alphabet cards and 3 containers (bowls, paper plates etc.) marked "beginning", "middle" and "end". Shuffle the cards and have the child turn them over one by one and place them in the appropriate container. Younger children could do this with the help of the alphabet strip.

Either side: Using a set of alphabet cards, turn one over at a time and try to identify as quickly as possible the letter before, the letter after, or both! Younger children could use the alphabet strip to help.

How many words: Give each player a piece of paper and a pencil, and shuffle the cards. If you want, decide on a "theme" such as flowers, girls' names, cities etc. Turn the top card over and, in a given amount of time, see how many words your child can shout out as quickly as possible for each letter. Every correct word, your child's earns one point.

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