Thursday, October 16, 2014

Parents’ guide to Market Day.

I recently popped in for a visit at our local flea market, just to walk around a bit and see if there was anything interesting to buy, and I came across a stand attended by a little girl, she must have been about 12.  Her stand was very busy, with kids of all ages standing all around it. 
She was selling sand art and stickers; apparently you peel the paper away from the sticker and decorate it with colorful glitter sand.  As I approached, she saw me and with full confidence and calmness she said to me, she will be right with me, as she was just finishing up a sale. Wow, I was impressed, I saw no adults with her behind the table. Because I approached her table out of curiosity and I was impressed, I just had to buy something from her. Budding entrepreneur indeed. And I was thinking why other kids can’t do this if they wanted to.  So I have decided to get stuck in and get some creative ideas for your little ones if they have a Bakers Day or Market Day or try their hand at the local flea market. So keep a look out for following posts about Market day or Bakers Day if you will.

Primary school children learn essential practical skills on market day.  Entrepreneurial skills are now being introduced at primary school level.  But these valuable skills are not only taught in theory; they’re also applied practically in the form of Market day or Bakers Day.

How you can Help?

Schools depend on parents assisting their children without becoming overly involved  So what do you do when your budding entrepreneur excitedly tells you that he has Market Day/Bakers Day coming up?  

You can help by:
  • Encouraging your child to think up ideas that won’t cost much money and taking him to various stores to compare prices.  By looking online you are sure to get plenty ideas of what to make.
  • Encouraging Market Day/ Bakers Day by allowing your child to buy his lunch from one of the stands.
  • Offering parental support and supervision, especially if the stand is using electrical appliances.  However, parents should not help to set up the stand or sell the goods.

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