Thursday, November 27, 2014

100 High Frequency Words

I have put together a range of 100 High Frequency Word themes for you to use. I used the Rocket Theme on my sons bedroom wall, I cut all the rockets out - it only took me one evening to do it.
If you would like the aliens and planets as well, please leave a comment. These all have quite a number of pages because it is 100 words - just letting you know.

The rockets have been up on the wall for a while and we have played many games: Before bedtime we try to make sentences with the words - I usually "lose" because my sentences  never seem to make sense (I like to check if he is really listening to me),sometimes we use flash lights to shine on the words. Another one is we try to say as many words as we can under one minute. It is super fun.

I have also included a Read and Write booklet, because I found that now my son is learning new words, and is always asking me to spell words when he writes his sentences. 
Any new word that I spell for him, he now writes it down in the word book, so now that his word book has got a good couple of words in, he checks his book before asking me to spell a word - Absolute Bliss - Its no fun when his favorite topic of the week is his lizard and I have to spell Lizard every day!

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