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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fonts - Preschool Fonts That You Need!

Finding the right font can be a nightmare.  Well it is for me anyway. It took ages to find some fonts that I really like and i'm going to share them with you.  You never know when you will need them.

When i'm in a middle of a project and I just need a font to lighten things up, I have to stop what i'm doing and crawl the net. :-/ .  Let me know if you have any good fonts and wouldn't mind sharing them with me.

ABC's - It takes getting used to, but makes for a great code game for kids.

Back To School - Pencils: Cute Right!

Coming Soon - I use this font quite a bit on the website

Crayon Crumble - Just the name of this font makes you want to try it! I have and do use it.

DR by 2 and HH - Two fonts, but the Tt's are different.

Primary Dots - Three Fonts

Print Clearly - Bold - Dashed -(love this one, I use it often)

Rancho - Not a kiddies font but just a pretty one.

Who can tell me or a better way of saying it:  Who can remember what "Betty eats cakes and uncle sells eggs" mean?