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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Photo Booth Props For Market Day.

When my seven year old gets a bee in his bonnet, he grabs the camera and starts shooting away. He takes photos of his pets, his toys, his friends and us. This, he did recently and I had an awesome idea! Photo Booth Props! I know his friends also love the camera, so I have put together some props for them to use and have some fun with. You could use these for Birthdays and all sorts, but I thought it would be a great idea using them for market days at school.

What you will need for the day:

  • A back drop, like a curtain for the kids to stand in front of.
  • A lap top
  • A printer
  • Photo booth props
  • A camera
  • Photo paper

All you need to do is download the photo booth props, cut them out and put them together.

What you will need for the props:

  • Stick skewers, which you can buy cheaply at any store.
  • glue or sticky tape.
  • scissors.

It will be a memorable moment from a memorable day.

Chose your favorites and download. There is a summer theme, with watermelons, sunglasses, hats, and Popsicle s. The other is mustaches, hats and beards.

Summer Theme

Hats And Glasses

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Puzzle Piece Craft For Market Day

I am sure you will have some puzzles that your child has grown out of. I certainly do, and I normally donate them to the school for the younger kids to use. What about the puzzles that have missing pieces that you just can find anywhere. It is so frustrating building a puzzle and then finding out that there is missing pieces.

We have a couple of puzzles with missing pieces and instead of just chucking it, I wanted to make something with the leftover pieces. I came up with the idea of "Join the Club" badges, you know like the Movie "UP" or Hermoine with "SPEW". I told my son about it and he was so excited, so we got to making some for him.

Instead of using pins, which is not so child friendly, we just made a necklace. I wanted to call it the Dragonfly Club, he wanted to call it The Leaf Men Club... Guess who won? We had fun painting and gluing them. For the string that goes around the neck, I just braided some wool.  What do you think of our badges? 

We made only 9, and after he counted them, and then named all the friends he was going to ask to join the club, he forgot to add himself in and was so disappointed that now he would have to decide which friend he must take out. I told him I will make another one just for him. He was happy.

You could go in many directions with this - as a club you could raise money for a good cause, or many good causes. To be in the club the kids have to purchase a badge, show up for "meetings", plan a fund raiser and execute it. But for now, my son is just happy to be in his own club, with his friends. 

Its a lot of work depends on how big their ideas are, but imagine how much your child can accomplish if they stick it out and go all the way. You could support your local SPCA, by raising funds for food, or raise funds to hire a clown to go to your local  hospital (I just thought of this..its an awesome idea.)

What you will need:

Puzzle pieces
safety pins
Glue or sticky tape
A good name for the club
A poster, explaining what its all about

Set up a stand for market day, and start promoting your club, with all your existing club members in tow, i'm sure the other kids will want to be in on the fun and the parents will want their kids to get involved.

If you decide to do this, please send me some photos, I would love to see the little ones in action.

Here are some other great craft ideas you could do for Market Day with puzzle pieces.

Make friendship necklaces!

Puzzle Piece Photo Frame

Christmas tree ornaments - Snowflakes.

Or if you don't have any puzzle pieces lying around, download some from here, print them on thick  card stock, cut them out and there we go. Make them into a necklace. Color them in, write on them: "Friends Forever" "Best Friends".

Monday, October 27, 2014

Awesome Paper Dolls For Market Day

If your child has a market day coming up, why not print these Disney paper dolls out. They are beautifully designed by Cory Jensen. I absolutely love them, and so does my six year old. All you would have to do is print them out and package them nicely. I have been digging around on the net recently looking for paper dolls, and you can get a variety of them too, but nothing like these.  Hope you enjoy them. 

Here is an info-graphic to make a stand for the paper dolls.

101 Dalmatians -Cruella De Vil

Snow White


Beauty and the Beast






The Princess and The Frog

The Wizard of Oz

Sleeping Beauty

The Little Mermaid

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Parents’ guide to Market Day.

I recently popped in for a visit at our local flea market, just to walk around a bit and see if there was anything interesting to buy, and I came across a stand attended by a little girl, she must have been about 12.  Her stand was very busy, with kids of all ages standing all around it. 
She was selling sand art and stickers; apparently you peel the paper away from the sticker and decorate it with colorful glitter sand.  As I approached, she saw me and with full confidence and calmness she said to me, she will be right with me, as she was just finishing up a sale. Wow, I was impressed, I saw no adults with her behind the table. Because I approached her table out of curiosity and I was impressed, I just had to buy something from her. Budding entrepreneur indeed. And I was thinking why other kids can’t do this if they wanted to.  So I have decided to get stuck in and get some creative ideas for your little ones if they have a Bakers Day or Market Day or try their hand at the local flea market. So keep a look out for following posts about Market day or Bakers Day if you will.

Primary school children learn essential practical skills on market day.  Entrepreneurial skills are now being introduced at primary school level.  But these valuable skills are not only taught in theory; they’re also applied practically in the form of Market day or Bakers Day.

How you can Help?

Schools depend on parents assisting their children without becoming overly involved  So what do you do when your budding entrepreneur excitedly tells you that he has Market Day/Bakers Day coming up?  

You can help by:
  • Encouraging your child to think up ideas that won’t cost much money and taking him to various stores to compare prices.  By looking online you are sure to get plenty ideas of what to make.
  • Encouraging Market Day/ Bakers Day by allowing your child to buy his lunch from one of the stands.
  • Offering parental support and supervision, especially if the stand is using electrical appliances.  However, parents should not help to set up the stand or sell the goods.

Marvelous Makes For Market Day

Ice-cream cones

Makes: 10 -12
Prep time: 30 minutes plus refrigeration time.
  • 100g full-fat margarine or butter
  • 250g marshmallows
  • 180g puffed rice
  • Ice-cream cones
  • 200g chocolate, melted and cooled
  • Hundreds and thousands or glace cherries to decorate.

Step 1.  Heat the butter and marshmallows together in a saucepan until melted.  Remove from heat and stir in the puffed rice.  Mix well and leave o cool slightly.

Step 2.  Roll the mixture into balls and place a ball on top of each cone cup.  Spoon melted chocolate over and allow to slowly run down the sides.  Sprinkle with hundreds and thousands or top with half a glace cherry.  Leave to set in the fridge.