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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Measuring with Monsters - Non Standard Measuring Skills

Use this measurement center to help your kids practice their non-standard measurement skills using….monsters! The purpose of this activity is two-fold, help your child learn how to measure lengths of objects using non-standard units and teach your child to pick the right tool. Print as many sheets as you need.

This activity includes:
  • 1x sheet of small monsters
  • 1x sheet of medium monsters
  • 1x sheet of large monsters
  • An item sheet
  • Directions for play
Pages: 8
Grade: Pre-School, Grade R

Measuring with Monsters - Directly download here.

The File is a Compressed Zip File, like winzip and winrar.
Be sure that you have an application to open this file type before downloading.
If you need a program to unzip files you can download Winrar here.

How to use:

Use the Item sheet as a guide, feel free to think of your own things to measure. Let your kids measure with the monsters then write the answer down, e.g: Pencil = 4 small monsters long. Use the same size monster to measure one item.

Tip: Tell your kids: Use small monsters to measure small things and use big monsters to measure big things. If your child is measuring a large item and they run out of monsters, show your kids how to put one monster from the back in front of the monster in the front, but still keep track of the number of monsters they used.

After your kids have mastered measuring with monsters, teach them how to use their hands to measure things. Then teach them how to use their feet and big steps to measure things.