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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Photo Booth Props For Market Day.

When my seven year old gets a bee in his bonnet, he grabs the camera and starts shooting away. He takes photos of his pets, his toys, his friends and us. This, he did recently and I had an awesome idea! Photo Booth Props! I know his friends also love the camera, so I have put together some props for them to use and have some fun with. You could use these for Birthdays and all sorts, but I thought it would be a great idea using them for market days at school.

What you will need for the day:

  • A back drop, like a curtain for the kids to stand in front of.
  • A lap top
  • A printer
  • Photo booth props
  • A camera
  • Photo paper

All you need to do is download the photo booth props, cut them out and put them together.

What you will need for the props:

  • Stick skewers, which you can buy cheaply at any store.
  • glue or sticky tape.
  • scissors.

It will be a memorable moment from a memorable day.

Chose your favorites and download. There is a summer theme, with watermelons, sunglasses, hats, and Popsicle s. The other is mustaches, hats and beards.

Summer Theme

Hats And Glasses

Monday, October 27, 2014

Awesome Paper Dolls For Market Day

If your child has a market day coming up, why not print these Disney paper dolls out. They are beautifully designed by Cory Jensen. I absolutely love them, and so does my six year old. All you would have to do is print them out and package them nicely. I have been digging around on the net recently looking for paper dolls, and you can get a variety of them too, but nothing like these.  Hope you enjoy them. 

Here is an info-graphic to make a stand for the paper dolls.

101 Dalmatians -Cruella De Vil

Snow White


Beauty and the Beast






The Princess and The Frog

The Wizard of Oz

Sleeping Beauty

The Little Mermaid