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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Goal setting and point charts for your kids.

Create lasting habits with these charts and point cards. Get your kids motivated to do things for themselves. Encourage independence and your child’s confidence will sky rocket. This activity is the perfect tool for helping your child develop life skills.  All the charts you need in one go.

This activity includes:
  • 1x Big A3 point chart system - Print in A3
  • 1x Chore Chart
  • 1x Daily List chart
  • 1x Goal Chart
  • 1x Weekly planner
  • Directions for use
Pages: 5
Grade: pre-school, Grade R, Grade 1, Grade 2

 Goal Setting and Point Chart - Directly download here.

The File is a Compressed Zip File, like winzip and winrar.
Be sure that you have an application to open this file type before downloading.
If you need a program to unzip files you can download Winrar here.

How to use the charts and Point cards.

Before starting any new routine with your child, discuss it with them first and make it fun.

The Big A3 point card system.
Each cloud has 10 stars inside. This chart is for all the small things you would like your child to do. Like, sharing, using their manners, being quiet when asked, doing their home-work. Each time your child does what they are asked to do, you can mark a star. You can either reward your child after just one cloud or after the whole card has been marked.

The Goal Setting Chart.
Teach your child about goals by actually setting one for your child. For example, getting themselves dressed in the morning, learning to tie shoe laces. Place the card somewhere easy to see everyday. Set a goal, and choose a reward, like an outing with dad or lunch with mom or movies with the whole family. Add a mark on the chart every time the desired behaviour is achieved. If your child skips, you can decide to start from the beginning, take one away or just keep going.

Don't forget to remind your kids to keep doing the desired behaviour. Just because the fun of earning the prize is over doesn't mean it's time to go back to the way it was before!

My Daily List
Write down all the daily things you would like you child to do. Examples are: Make my bed, say my prayers, get dressed, do my hair, Eat breakfast, brush my teeth, school Bag ready. Homework, Give hugs, Go to bed on time.

The Chore Chart
Write down what chores you would like your child to do. For example: feed the pet, open the curtains, and help with dinner.

The School Weekly Planner
Stick on your fridge to keep track of your child’s school schedule, for example: P.E, bakers day, library and extramural.